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Dr. Suher

Dr. Larry Suher


Dr. Suher has dedicated more than 40 years to providing quality dentistry for adults and children. He started his education in 1957 at Boston University and continued in 1961 at Case-Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio, where he earned his degree in dentistry. Following graduation, Dr. Suher served two years in the United States Army with the rank of captain at Brooke Army Medical Center in Fort Hood, Texas. In 1972, Dr. Suher became President of the Eastern Suburban Dental Society. Adding to his education in 1983, Dr. Suher attended the University Of Pennsylvania School Of Dental Medicine with courses in periodontal surgery. He also took several implant courses in 1987 at Midwest Implant Institute. Dr. Suher additionally studied under renowned educators such as Dr. Dawson, Dr. Filestre, Dr. Wheatres and Dr. Wahl. He learned the most modern techniques in dentistry such as less stressful and more rapid completion of root canals. Dr. Suher was also an educator himself for 14 years as an associate professor for the University of Pittsburgh for the School of Dental Medicine. Dr. Suher is happily married to his wife Annette with whom he has three children, Jeff and Greg, both practicing attorneys in the Pittsburgh area, and Lauren, a full time mom of four who lives in Minneapolis. Besides his love of golf, Dr. Suher adores spending time with his grandchildren every chance he gets.

Dr. Katie Lee


Education Detail:

  • Northwestern University - BA/BM
  • University of Iowa College of Dentistry - DDS

Continuing Education Courses and/or Professional Memberships:

  • American Dental Association
  • Academy of General Dentistry
  • Seattle Study Club

Lifestyle and Hobbies:

Dr. Katie Lee graduated with dual degrees in biology and piano at Northwestern University, where she found dentistry a fitting career to merge both art and science interests. Dr. Lee completed her dental degree from the University of Iowa College of Dentistry, and she continued practicing dentistry in her home state of Iowa for many years before moving to Pittsburgh with her husband. The most rewarding part about dentistry for her is connecting with patients and finding out how best to reach their individual oral health goals, and she looks forward to serving her new community. Dr. Lee highly values continuing education and professional collaboration, so she maintains active membership in the American Dental Association, the Academy of General Dentistry, and the local study club to stay current in her commitment to delivering the highest quality of care that all patients deserve. When she is not in the office, she enjoys reading, practicing the piano, and exploring the outdoors.

Dr. Kimberley Kershaw

DMD, BScPharm

Quote about Dentistry:
“Wherever the art of medicine is loved, there is also a love of humanity.” -Hippocrates

Your Mission Statement of Dentistry:
To create an environment in which each and every patients feels safe, cared for, and heard. To offer and provide each patient the right amount of dentistry: not too little, and not too much.

Education Detail:
It has been a humble path that has lead me to a career that I love- in dentistry. I started as an art major, when I was lucky enough to receive a scholarship to play hockey at the University of Calgary, in Alberta, Canada. Without a specific career in sight, however, and amidst a busy schedule on the road, I decided to take a year off to gain direction. Inspired by my brother who was accepted into dental school soon after, I pursued a career in pharmacy. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences from the University of Alberta, 2011. After graduation, I worked as a hospital pharmacist for 4.5 years, and worked towards my Doctorate in Pharmacy through 2014. As a person that thrives on creativity and hands on work, I was seeking more from my career; dentistry offered me that opportunity. I was accepted into the University of Pittsburgh, School of Dental Medicine in 2015, and graduated in 2019. I haven’t look backed since.

Continuing Education Courses and/or Professional Memberships
I focus most of my continuing education on Endodontics.

Lifestyle and Hobbies:
In my spare time between work and family, I like to draw, and enjoy working in a variety of mediums. I also sew, but mostly when my husband needs his biking shorts or gloves mended!

In addition I love to watch and play sports. I no longer play hockey, but am an avid Toronto Maple Leafs (and Sidney Crosby!) fan, and since moving to Pittsburgh, have picked up the Steelers as one of my teams as well. My husband and I love to ski (him) and snowboard (me) during the winter, and you might find us biking in North Park, Frick Park, or even Ohiopyle during the summer. If I’m not on my board or bike, I may also be training for one of Pittsburgh’s many running races.

Dr. Cleo Yi


Use your smile to change the world; don’t let the world change your smile.

Mission Statement:

It is our mission to improve our patient’s health through the education and care provided in our patient’s individualized treatments. I am here to ensure that patients are fully involved and comfortable with their care and to provide the steps to improve their quality of life.

Education Detail:

Undergraduate - University of Washington, 2013
Dental - Case Western Reserve University, 2018

Professional Memberships

American Dental Association

Lifestyle & Hobbies

Being outside - hiking, volleyball, football // When inside - reading, cooking